by Marion Nestle
May 28 2012

Childhood obesity: catching up on recent research

I’m catching up on some reading over the long weekend.  Here are some selections from the latest issue of Childhood Obesity (Click here for the complete Table of Contents).

Food Marketing to Youth: Current Threats and Opportunities
Marlene B. Schwartz, Amy Ustjanauskas
Childhood Obesity. April 2012, 8(2): 85-88.
First Page | Full Text PDF|
Revolution Foods: Equal Access for All
Interview with Revolution Foods Co-Founders Kristin Richmond and Kirsten Tobey
Childhood Obesity. April 2012, 8(2): 94-96 First Page | Full Text PDF|
Exploring Effectiveness of Messaging in Childhood Obesity Campaigns
David L. Katz, Mary Murimi, Robert A. Pretlow, William Sears
Childhood Obesity. April 2012, 8(2): 97-105.First Page | Full Text PDF|
Hard Truths and a New Strategy for Addressing Childhood Obesity
Eric A. Finkelstein, Marcel Bilger
Childhood Obesity. April 2012, 8(2): 106-109.First Page | Full Text PDF|
U.S. Government Initiatives
Childhood Obesity. April 2012, 8(2): 167-168.First Page | Full Text PDF |
  • Margeretrc

    It’s possible childhood obesity begins even before the mother gets pregnant with the child and thus any strategy needs to target future moms as well as children that are already having a problem.

  • With childhood obesity on the rise, I think its really important that parents, teachers, the media, etc. educate kids not just about healthy diet but also the importance of supplements. If we lived in a toxic free world, than I’d say diet was enough. But, sadly we don’t and the nutrient deficit that is usually responsible for things like obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and more can’t be warded off by diet alone. Healthy, evidence based, 100% natural nutraceuticals are a key component to keeping our kids healthy. For those of you parents with kids suffering from diabetes – this is an incredible product and company that safely and naturally lowers glucose levels and helps people of all age safely reduce and manage weight: If interested, ask your doctor – quality supplements like this are not available over the counter.

  • I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot recently. I’m not an RD, a nutritionist, or anyone with authority to speak on the matter. I don’t have children, but I am very observant. These days, I feel that I see more overweight children than those of average size. I think there needs to be an addition to the standard public school curriculum: a course in nutrition. An entire course. Whether it be daily, or 2 or 3 times a week. If kids learn at an early age about calories, serving sizes, and how to read nutrition labels, they will be set up for success instead of failure before it’s too late. If they learn early that eating is basically a numbers game, it’s really no different than math. They can eat a cheeseburger from McDonalds if they play outside for 2 hours after school. Kids need to learn this stuff from teachers, since they aren’t being taught by their parents.

  • @margeret, there are also of some of 1 month old babys suffer from obesity.

    @abornof, you are healthy right. Educating them in proper diet helps this problem interact.


  • Anthro

    It’s a video, Margaret, not a published scientific study. Pictures of fat women and babies is not evidence of anything but a photographer’s ability to find fat people. Lustig may or may not be on to something, but his views are controversial and much more work needs to be done.

    I’m no fan of sugar–of any kind, but YouTube videos of brief interviews without any academic context is hardly proof of a definitive cause of childhood obesity. Just because mothers overfeed their babies doesn’t mean that there’s anything “metabolic” underlying the resulting obesity. Babies are just as likely simply eating too much too often–just like most of the rest of us. They all seem to have those wretched “sippy cups” everywhere they go and I doubt they only contain water.

    @ abornoff

    You shouldn’t use blog comments to hype your product. There is not a shred of evidence to support anything you say, and quite a bit to support the opposite.

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