by Marion Nestle
May 22 2012

Get your kids interested in farming: here’s how?


This appeared in my e-mail.  I tried to find out where it came from, but no luck.  Can anyone tell me its source?

  • Sarah

    It’s from , a farmers/eaters rights group from Canada. also, it’s hilarious.

  • Suzanne


  • that_girl

    I’m mostly amused that the “Answer me honestly” panel is a screencap from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  • FarmerJane

    I have found that even a short farm visit really interests kids in farming. Children might also be also inspired to go into careers related to natural sciences as well. In an emergency calf delivery, I asked a visiting high school boy to help me deliver the calf. He watched in wonder as the calf was born and later went on to become a nurse, later telling me how that day on the farm inspired him to the miracle of life. Another young person toured our farm with us from top to bottom and returned often to “stream watch”. He later went into environmental science now travelling all over the world working on water issues. We used to host NYC teenagers who were “troubled”, but seemed to become “untroubled” when assigned cattle to care for and work to do. Other kids tell me they will never forget throwing bales of hay and everything else seemed easy after that. The most fun is when small children feed a baby calf a bottle of milk with eyes wide open. Its all great and I love that you introduced us to the fact that 1 in 5 teenagers experiment with farming!

  • @Marrion, do you have kids this times? Well, that email was a blessing to you and to your kids as well. Commanding you to abide your children that way on how to. Is that no luck?, you are lucky buddy.

    If you have a pretty, try to abide them planting some flowers or colorful plants, and if you have a boy, try to choose of those plants they want or some fruit bearing plants.

    By the way, I have a girl, and the same thing I did to her.


  • Paula

    I do love this, wherever it came from!

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