by Marion Nestle
Jul 15 2013

Food for kids: “The Best Lunch Box Ever”

Hot summer days are good times to try to get caught up with all the good books about food that are coming out.  Here’s one from someone I knew when she was a student in our department at NYU.

She was a great writer even then.  Now she has kids…

Katie Morford, The Best Lunchbox Ever: Ideas and Recipes for School Lunches Kids Will Love, Chronicle Books, 2013.


I did a blurb for it, of course:

The Best Lunchbox Ever is a terrific gift to anyone who has to pack a lunch for a kid, and wants that lunch to be healthy—and eaten.  Katie Morford has dozens of interesting and sometimes surprising suggestions for easy, delicious, and nutritious lunch items that kids will enjoy—if parents don’t get to them first.  I wish I’d had this book when my kids were in school.

Enjoy and use!

  • I second that; she is a wonderful writer. Her blog is fantastic. It’s one of my favorites.

  • Ben

    Oh I wish my parents made lunches for me like that. Now I’m old and have kids. I’m not really great when it comes to cooking or making anything. My kids have different tastes and we just don’t agree with our taste buds. So I’m planing on buying a recipe book for lunches I can make for them. I heard a lot of reviews about this book by Katie Morford so I’m contemplating on whether I should get it.

  • Hart Oldenburg

    I grew up differently, an active kid, primitive, no hydro, no distractions, no close neighbors, backwoods Germany. Curiosity kept me busy. Feed livestock, do garden and orchard, learned baking and cooking. I was ten or so, took a hatched, killed a chicken and prepared it oven ready all by myself. Learning by doing and how to taste different products, often fun. One becomes programmed, for good? My food intake is gut controlled, haven’t had a bellyache for 69 years. Slim and trim and sexy at 88!
    I cause health— Hart Health—

  • Publishing a cookbook is the cake. Being on Food Politics is the icing. Thank you Marion.

  • Thanks for sharing this, Marion! Katie Morford is really a great writer. I wish I can be like her. Anyway, thanks for sharing the link! 🙂

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