by Marion Nestle
Aug 21 2013

More Bavarian food politics

The central farmers’ market in Munich, the Viktualienmarkt, has some organic (“bio”) producers.  This one displays a sign that it has been organic for 20 years (20 Jahre Bio).



  • Doire

    As you’re in Munich, don’t miss the Potato Museum!

  • Wena

    Over the past 6 years that I’ve been travelling into Germany, the organic movement really picked up steam in the last 3-4 years. It’s very visible now in supermarkets and menus where organic food is marked as “Bio.”

    Having said that, the menus are also marked to indicate whether coloring, preservatives and additives were added in. There were some other items too but I can’t remember.

    The irony is that there is also Bio-ham and Bio-sausages. I guess sodium nitrate is not considered a health-harmful ingredient when all the other ingredient are organically sourced.

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