by Marion Nestle
Aug 22 2013

Soda advertising: Bavaria

In the Munich subway, Marienplatz station, Coca-Cola ads feature bottles with common German (?) names on the labels, in this case Kevin, Tobias, and Sandra.


At the entrance to the tour of the salt mine in Berchtesgaden (definitely worth the visit), Coke (foreground) and Pepsi (far background) sponsor separate outdoor cafes.


  • Wena

    I just came back from Germany where I was on a few long-distance train rides. On the long-distance trains, there are train employees who go down the lanes pushing a modified-hand-truck that holds food, snacks and drinks.

    This year, I saw that Coca-Cola is marketing their products by giving these employees T-shirts and all drinks on the cart were from Coke, including their Dasani brand.

    I was thinking of you and nearly took their picture but they rushed off before I could whip out my camera. 🙁

  • Hariclia

    My experience from another European country, Greece: Companies like Coca-Cola and Nabisco, besides billboard adds, etc., are sponsoring TV cooking shows incorporating products like Oreo Cookies in recipes. Also, Coca-Cola is big in sponsoring outdoors youth events (concerts), and giving out free samples.

    As health-conscious food consumption increases in the US and market share drops, these companies will increase their marketing activities in other countries. The same situation as with the big tobacco companies.

    Wonderful Mediterranean diet has been gobbled up by marketing messages. One positive aspect though, of the current economic situation in the country is the fact that more and more people are turning to “poor man’s diet” consuming more beans, grains, and vegetables from their gardens.

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