by Marion Nestle
Dec 20 2013

Monsanto’s PR campaign “begins with a farmer”

A week or so ago I mentioned Monsanto’s concerns about its public image problem and its new PR campaign.

In Washington, DC last week, I saw what seem to be its first components in a hard copy of Politico (the online version doesn’t seem to carry the same ads).

The December 11 issue carried two Monsanto ads, this one full page:


And this one half page:


What farmers?  Those that use Monsanto products, of course.

This is not the first time Monsanto has used ads promoting the virtues of farmers.  Here’s one from a Monsanto campaign in 2001 that I used as an illustration in Safe Food: The Politics of Food Safety.


Will ads like these help improve Monsanto’s public image?  You tell me.

Enjoy the weekend!

  • Casey

    More like “begins with a lawsuit against a farmer

  • Tony

    Monsanto could be the safest company on the planet with inventions to save the world but no one here would believe it because they have been so brain washed over the last 10 years

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  • Barry Bland

    Yes, the company that created Agent Orange wants to keep us “safe” thanks for those inspiring words Tony. -_- #sideeye