by Marion Nestle
Oct 4 2020

Online Brooklyn Book Festival

I’m on this panel.  Information about the festival, registration, and Zoom links is here.

LIVE WEBINAR (10/4 at 11am eastern) – Food Justice/Eating For a Better Tomorrow

Eating today carries the weight of a myriad of environmental and social issues, and in doing so raises many questions about what it means to be a conscious and conscientious consumer, and the degree to which this is possible. This panel examines how we as eaters and cooks are complicit in these issues but also have the potential to help create change through our food choices. Examining farming, food deserts, consumerism and more, writers Tom Philpott (Perilous Bounty: The Looming Collapse of American Farming and How We Can Prevent It), Saru Jayaraman (Bite Back: People Taking on Corporate Food and Winning), Marion Nestle (Let’s Ask Marion: What You Need to Know About the Politics of Food, Nutrition, and Health), and Deborah Madison (An Onion in My Pocket) will take a thoughtful look at hopeful trends and changing tides. Moderated by Krishnendu Ray, associate professor of Food Studies at NYU.