by Marion Nestle
Dec 7 2020

Online: Australian panel discussion on El Susto

“El Susto” (The Shock) is a documentary film about how soda companies are contributing to Type 2 diabetes in Mexico, and how public health advocates took them on.  I’m on a panel discussing the film with Yasmin Poole moderating: Other panelists are Dr Sandro Demaio CEO, VicHealth,  Simon Barquera, Mexico (who is in the film), Alexandra Jones, Australia, global health lawyer, Prof Rob Moodie, Australia, University of Melbourne, and Jane Martin, Australia.  The timing is tricky.  The webinar is on Tuesday 8 December, 9am—Australia time.  That makes it Monday, 7 December, 5:00 p.m. New York City time.   More information and registration is here.