by Marion Nestle
Sep 6 2023

On Netflix now: “Live to 100–Secrets of the Blue Zones”

I’ve just watched this four-part series on Netflix for two reasons, (1) the concept is fascinating and Dan Buettner does a great job with it., and (2) I’m in it in episodes #1 and #4.

Thanks to Martin Bruhn of Common Meadows Creamery for sending the screen shot.

I won’t go into all the details about the episodes, because Gothamist did a great job of reporting and analysis.

Buettner’s basic idea was to find out why a few relatively small and mostly isolated populations (“Blue Zones”) have so many members who live to the age of 100.

Spoiler alert: the secrets, no surprise, are diet (largely plant-based), physical activity built into daily life, community and social support, and a sense of purpose.

I am for all of these and that’s how I live, which explains my enthusiasm for these films.

Buettner works with cities to turn them into Blue Zones that support healthy diets, walking, and community support.

I got involved in this when Buettner invited me to join his team—and the Netflix crew—in South Phoenix where they were suggesting ways to Blue-Zone up the local environment.  I’m not a city planner but I could sure think of things that would make that part of Phoenix much more livable—parks, walking trails, shade trees (if they didn’t need too much water), stores selling fresh food, community gardens.

I like the concept a lot.  See the films and let me know what you think of them and those ideas.  Enjoy!