Nov 7 2007

Tracking E. coli Outbreaks: An Interactive Map

MSNBC has produced a nifty map of the sources of E. coli outbreaks by state, from 1990 to the present. Click on the year, and see where the outbreaks occurred. If the list seems sparse, it’s because not all are listed. If we don’t do something serious about regulating food production, the map will just get more complicated.

  • Bix

    I liked this! But, Oh my goodness. MSNBC produced it? I would like to have seen a little “Source:CDC” at the bottom of it, not a private news agency. (Isn’t that what our taxes are for?)

  • Shari Lichtman

    There’s a flaw in this analysis. It shows where people got sick, not where the contaminated product came from. In doing so, the MSNBC mapmakers omit the locations of the industrial farms and processing plants that are the typical cause of ecoli.

    It’s almost a “blame the victim” analysis.