by Marion Nestle
Dec 17 2007

A holiday joke?

At least I think it’s a joke. Fortune Magazine lists the 101 dumbest business ideas of the year. Here’s #13, from Disneyland:

It’s a fat world, after all

Disneyland announces plans to close the “It’s a Small World” attraction to deepen its water channel after the ride’s boats start getting stuck under loads of heavy passengers. Employees ask larger passengers to disembark – and compensate them with coupons for free food.


  • Diana Foss
  • December 17, 2007
  • 5:50 pm

No joke, although Disneyland says fat guests are not the reason. It was in the LA Times.,0,

  • Fentry
  • December 18, 2007
  • 12:07 pm

Well, there are two options: either people are getting fatter or the world is getting smaller. But Disney always made that last option a bit cloying…

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