Nov 2 2008

Eating Liberally: What’s up with salt?

For this week’s Q and A on Eating Liberally, kat connects the dots between the recent increase in salt-induced kidney stones in children and the food industry’s new Smart Choices labeling system which, as I pointed out a few days ago, is particularly generous in the salt standard.

  • Yoni Freedhoff

    And yet sadly, the Smart Choices Program, when compared with Canada’s Heart and Stroke Foundation proposed 2010 Health Check sodium limits, is vastly superior with Health Check in some categories allowing for more than double the sodium Big Food does with “Smart Choices”.

    I haven’t checked out the criteria for the American Heart Association’s Heart Check….I wonder if it manages to best Smart Choices?

  • Marion

    The Heart Association’s Heart Check criteria are per serving: saturated fat (1 g), cholesterol (20 mg), sodium (480 mg). See:
    The AHA doesn’t deal with sugars.

  • Yoni Freedhoff

    So then indeed, in many cases Smart Choices’ sodium limits will be more stringent than the AHAs (they have multiple product specific limits lower than 480mg).

    As I noted on my blog, having a food industry sponsered set of regulations best those of a not-for-profit health organizations would be like having Exxon come up with a stricter set of environmental regulations than Greenpeace.

    So sad.