by Marion Nestle
Feb 27 2008

Functional oreos!

Thanks to Dr. Freedhoff for passing along his Weighty Matters blog post about Voortman’s new Omega-3 Zeer-Oh cookies. He got them in Canada. Maybe we will get to have them here soon? OK, so sugar is the first ingredient. But they are “Zero grams trans fat!”

  • Sheila

    No wonder consumers are increasingly confused about what foods are good for them.

  • Ali

    Gee, can’t wait for the whole grain version.

    I’d recommend adding a beige colored food dye to the pearly-white creme filled center, for that healthy whole grain look. Double Stuff anyone? 😉

  • I’m sure some AHA-supported dietician will be promoting them soon, perhaps in 100 calorie packs. Sheesh.

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