by Marion Nestle
Feb 14 2008

Ben & Jerry’s sings about cloning

Thanks to Maya Joseph for sending Ben & Jerry’s endearing cow cloning song. Its message: just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. But wait! Isn’t Ben & Jerry’s owned by Unilever? Does this mean that Unilever–a huge multinational food corporation that sells nearly $60 billion annually–opposes animal cloning? Or is the company just leaving Ben & Jerry’s alone with its core customers?

  • Such is the challenge with every food company that grows past a certain point. Ben & Jerry’s has not been the same since the Unilever purchase. Unilever has done wonderful job of making sure it is hard to connect their business B&J’s. Just like Coke has worked hard to not point out it has owned Odwalla for almost 10 years now…good marketing and deep pockets are why these companies sold to the big boys and why they still have some good base supporters still.