by Marion Nestle
Jun 28 2008

NYC menu boards: photo collection

Center for Science in the Public Interest has posted a collection of photos of New York City menu boards with calorie labeling.  Take a look and see what you think of how this requirement is working.

  • As a dietitian I am personally fully supportive of any attempts to combat obesity, empowering diners with nutrition information so that they can make their own decisions is a great way to start. I do feel for the restaurants who need to have their menus reprinted and are pressed for time as is without turning things upside down with nutrition facts. The company that I work for ( supports restaurants by providing a low cost way for them to have their menus nutritionally analyzed, and takes some of the weight off of the shoulders of restaurant managers and owners.

  • Mark

    Most of these images are mock-ups by CSPI.

  • Roo

    Mark – not to be nitpicky, but 3 out of 12 isn’t really “most”. There are some other proposed mock-ups by the restaurants themselves, I found the DD one interesting because of the corrections the city made to it, but only 3 are CSPI.