by Marion Nestle
Nov 8 2008

Can the poor afford to eat healthfully?

USDA’s latest analysis says yes, but only if they make careful food choices, avoid convenience foods, and live in a low-cost area.  At the time of the study, a half gallon of whole milk, for example, cost a lot less in Pittsburgh ($1.45) than it did in Boston ($2.51) .

But can people in low-income areas even find food?  The Rudd Center at Yale has a new report out on how tough it is to find anything other than fast food in low-income areas –  food “deserts” as they have come to be known.

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  • tmana

    Thanks for the link to the Rudd Center report. It confirms what I observe directly in my surrounding neighborhood (and mentioned in my Blog Action Day post over at… and goes back to a Junior High social studies class in which we viewed the documentary, _The Poor Pay More_. More than thirty years have passed since then, and it’s certainly a case of “the more things change, the more they remain the same”.