by Marion Nestle
Dec 12 2008

Want a better USDA? Sign here!

Food Democracy is circulating a petition to the Obama transition team to appoint a USDA Secretary who cares about sustainability (what a concept!).  Click on the link to join the movement!  If you want to read more about this, see Nicholas Kristof’s column linked to my post on December 10 and Michael Pollan’s magazine piece linked to the one on October 12.

  • or a different agency entirely?
    I posted an idea at an amazing website that is a testament to the changing ways of political culture in the US and the world.
    People are allowed to:
    Submit ideas/solutions for change,
    comment and/or
    vote on these issues, but the best part is that the top 10 issues will be submitted to the Obama Administration AND Backed by a National Campaign!

    the idea:

  • I think Obama really blew this opportunity by appointing Vilsack. He is just the beard of the genetically engineering seed companies. May as well call him Secretary of Agribusiness or Secretary of Monoculture instead of Secretary of Agriculture.

    I’ve written more about this on my blog at

    Rick Tannenbaum