by Marion Nestle
Feb 17 2009

Today’s giggle

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed this to me today. It’s a joke (I think), but a thoroughly plausible one. It’s flying around the Internet.  Here is its source. It is produced by koert van mensvoort whose own website is worth a look.  Enjoy!

The next great health food!

  • Daniel Ithaca,NY

    Very funny!
    However, if this were to happen and even be a small percentage of their “sugar” sweetened sodas, it would have a big impact on farmers of corn (or beets, etc) in reducing the amount of pesticides and petrol-fertilizer used.

  • i absolutely agree

  • ooops. a commitment by coke to use organic or even just non-gm sugar might even make me buy a coke~!

  • Scott

    Definitely a fake (if you look closely at the text “fair trade…” it doesn’t wrap around the side of the can…

    But a genuis joke nonetheless…

  • Not a far cry from that real life Pepsi Retro thing that’s happening. Touting the use of pure cane sugar as sweetener (as opposed to HFCS), the company is taking us back (presumably) to the Pepsi some of our grandparents would have recognized. Old-fashioned! Wholesome! Must be good for me then, right? Right.

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