by Marion Nestle
Dec 12 2009

Food and climate change: the NYC Summit

While all of that is going on in Copenhagen, the Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer, along with Just Food, organized a food and climate change summit today at my university, NYU.  More than one thousand New Yorkers signed up for thirty workshops at the amazing event.  Why amazing?  Because this summit is about advocacy for a more just and sustainable food system, and right now.

My thoughts: the diet that is best for health – more fruits, vegetables, and grains, and less meat, dairy, and junk food – is also the diet that is best for the planet.

Does advocacy for a food system that provides healthy food for everyone constitute a social movement?  Look around the room at the summit.  The answer is an unequivocal YES.  Can one New York City Borough show the way.  YES.

And this one, we will win.

  • Z Thomas

    Elitism and food advocacy: The charge is real and tne perception is real and not going away. As i watched a video of a masai articuating the tribes plight in copenhagen I thought of the top down approach afflicting food advocacy over the decades. The reality is too many in academia believe the diatribe that food is academic. It is basic.The forces of the trickle down and domino effect politics coerced society today into accepting convenience andadvanced food technology as a means of proving upward mobility. Middle class elites of the fifties and sixties thru eighties made aquiring certain products the norm. many in developing countries pushed back but wee over run by femminist ideals abandoning home economics and embracing yuppie economics.Now with time and money, burnt out but accomplished elites want to roll back the clock -“from scratch”, back to basics all mantras that wreak of leisure and sophistication are the order of the day.The underserved are loathe to follow . The message is phony…
    Rachel Ray , Paula Deen they have the hook up making slow food cool again . I dont think they are from academia I dont thnk they even knowwhat a food system or food policy is. They know the basics michel obama knew the basics. Why didnt food elites tell laura bush to plant a garden. why did we encourage hillary in her i dont bake cookies mantra… Wheres NYU’s reality tv on planters in students dorms
    stop intelectualizing food is basic..It is practical not a theory

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