by Marion Nestle
Nov 13 2010

Middle school food curriculum: Nourish

A new middle-school curriculum guide released by WorldLink and the Center for Ecoliteracy invites students and teachers to ask, “What’s the story of my food?” Nourish: Food + Community, they say, is part of a national initiative—one that combines PBS programming, curriculum resources, website content, teacher seminars, and youth summits.  Its purpose?  To increase food literacy.

We want students to explore the question: How do the food choices we make—individually and as a society—affect the health of people and the environment?

The Center for Ecoliteracy is a nonprofit dedicated to education for sustainable living.  It also publishes the guide, Rethinking School Lunch, the curriculum guide to the film, Food, Inc. and other useful publications.

I get asked all the time for resources about how to fix school lunches.  Thanks to the Center for making this easier.