by Marion Nestle
Oct 25 2012

An honorary degree from Transylvania University: I’m honored!

Self-promotion alert:

I gave a talk on food politics at Transylvania University  on Tuesday and was given an Doctor of Science degree, honoris causa.

I’ve never gotten an honorary degree before.  In the academic world these are a big deal, so this feels really special.

Want to see what one looks like?  As you might imagine, I like the inscription.

Transylvania University is a small (1,000 students) liberal arts college in Lexington, Kentucky and there’s no point in making vampire jokes.  They’ve already heard them all.

  • A well deserved honor and it was wonderful to meet you, hear you speak on Food Politics and have you sign my book! Please visit us again in Lexington and see the great work being done with intititives like Better Bites, Veggin’ Out at the Pool and the PTA 5K:

  • KE

    Congratulations, Dr. Nestle!! Self promote away; you are a pioneer of science and food policy, and you deserve to be recognized for that. Thank you for everything that you have done for the field!

  • Anthro

    Let me add my congratulations!

    I can’t help wondering how a University in Kentucky came to be called Transylvania? I honestly thought you had been in Romania!

    So, did you hear the one about the nutrition professor who kept a lot of garlic in her desk drawer?

  • TR

    I attended Hendrix College in Conway, Ar. It too was a liberal arts college and all the smart hippy kids in the state hoped to attend the school. So, as you can imagine, we used to kid that the name sake for the school was Jimi Hendrix. I totally understand the vampire jokes. I was thinking along the lines of vampire nutrition though.

  • Congratulations Dr. Nestle!!!!! you are an inspirations to many of us.

  • Julie

    Love those tiny colleges! The inscription sounds like you.

  • Sharon

    In case anyone’s interested, the name “Transylvania” dates back to when this was the frontier, across (trans) the woods (sylvania) from the settled areas on the coast. Transy claims to be the oldest university west of the Alleghenies.

  • John

    I was worried there for a minute. I thought the rector may have been Count Chocula.

  • janelle

    I’ve been reading this blog for a while and I’m so excited to hear that you were honored by my alma mater. Yay!

  • Victoria