by Marion Nestle
Apr 26 2013

Parke Wilde’s Food Policy is now out

For those of us who teach food policy and politics, a new textbook is most welcome, especially when it comes from Parke Wilde.  Wilde is now a professor at Tufts and a food policy blogger, but I first met him years ago when he was a reporter for the Community Nutrition Institute’s Nutrition Week.

His first book has just been released.

Parke Wilde.  Food Policy in the United States: An Introduction.  Earthscan, 2013.

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I blurbed it:

Food Policy in the United States is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand how our food system really works or to take action to change it.  Professor Wilde provides a tough but balanced and decidedly nonpartisan overview of the facts behind the full range of policy areas—among them  agricultural support, safety, dietary guidance–that affect food production and consumption.   If you want to join the food movement to improve the system, here’s how to find out where to start.


  • Looks like an important book–thanks for the post.

  • Hi Marion. Thanks for the review! I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude for your informal mentoring over many years, and for your kind interest in this writing project in particular.

    Hi readers of this “Food Politics” blog. You will notice Marion’s strong influence on this book, and also may notice some peculiarities that might arise from having an agricultural economist write this inter-disciplinary book. So, please share this book widely if you like it, but feel very very free to ask me tough and pushy questions on the topics covered here as well.


  • brainmatters

    Marion’s recommendation is enough for me, but your thoughtful message makes the book a must have. If it’s half as good as “Food Politics”, it’ll be worth the price.

    I love all the work being done, just wish I had noticed thirty years ago and gone in this direction professionally!