by Marion Nestle
May 1 2013

Today: The Tenth Anniversary edition of Food Politics

Please welcome the Tenth Anniversary Edition of Food Politics.

It’s comes with an exceptionally gracious Foreword by Michael Pollan.  I wrote a new Preface and a lengthy Afterword to bring it all up to date.

Doing the Afterword gave me a chance to think about what’s happened in the food movement over the past ten (eleven, really, but who’s counting) years since Food Politics first appeared in 2002.

Indeed, a great deal has happened, and much of it good, thanks to everyone who is working to create a healthier and more sustainable food system.

Read and enjoy!

  • Congratulations and thanks for all your great information. Much appreciated.

    Ken Leebow

  • Congrats Marion! The food we eat is so fundamental to life and health. Thank you for your leadership on food safety and public health. And for the levity, grace, and truth you lend to the debates of our time.

  • Ellen Fried

    Happy Anniversary, indeed! A classic in every way.

  • Congratulations — and thank you for your leadership!

  • Anthro

    Congratulations! I must have read it shortly after the original publication, so will get a copy of the new one just to read the updates.

    I’m always disappointed when conversations that involve Mr. Pollan, your name doesn’t bring the same level of recognition–especially because I think your book provides lots more serious documentation of the politics involved. I also think your writing is just as engaging, so I keep doing my best to spread that word.

    Thanks for all that you do for public health, food safety, and the enjoyment of truly good food!

  • It is never to late to salute a real hero who inspire others to do the same!

  • Congrates
    Happy anniversary…………..

    Thanks for providing such information. I appreiated