by Marion Nestle
Jun 20 2013

World Food Prize goes to Monsanto!

A reader, Leah Pressman, left this Feedback message this morning:

She sends a link to the story in the New York Times.

The world food prize foundation awarded [this year’s prize] to several scientists on the teams working for Monsanto who figured out how to make genetically modified crops.

I am stunned by this and eagerly await your comments. The Times eventually mentions (see continuation) that “the foundation that administers the prize has received[…]a 5 million dollar contribution from Monsanto” among other corporations.

The World Food Prize is about agricultural productivity and has always favored industrial methods.  Monsanto produces by industrial methods.

As I keep saying, when it comes to food politics, you can’t make this stuff up.

  • It sounds more like Monsanto bought the award. Regardless, this is very disturbing and frustrating news. If this continues, Soylent Green may some day be reclassified as a documentary film rather than a work of science fiction.

  • MandiFran

    Also, not unsurprisingly, General Mills provided the prize money for the three recipients. I keep telling my friends that I have seeds….

  • Doug

    C’mon, Marion, don’t bash the World Food Prize. Fraley was one of three recipients this year. In the 27 years of the prize, it’s been given to 14 recipients from the US, 5 from India, 3 from Brazil, 2 from China and one each from Ghana, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Israel, Bangladesh, Denmark, Mexico, Belgium, Switzerland, the UK, Israel. These are all innovative scientists and policy makers who have advanced the fight against hunger.

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  • IGNORE all of this, because in the end, consumers will vote with their money. Work on getting GMO label laws passed and work on spreading the word about how bad Round up is…

  • I am an ardent advocate for GMO labeling, and write and speak on the topic frequently. This story has knocked the wind out of me. But as the saying goes “It’s not personal, it’s business.”
    Well, the food I put into my body – and my families’ bodies – is VERY personal to me. It’s of paramount importance, and something I place at a premium. Indeed, I will pay a premium for my food if I need to.

    The food INDUSTRY is an enclosed circle that feeds off itself, for now. However, in the past few years I have been gratified to see that individuals can indeed think for themselves! The GMO labeling movement is rolling forward – if not by momentum of the government, then by citizens who desire and seek out untainted food. I truly believe that, despite travesties like this, things will continue to move forward.

    Michele Jacobson
    NOFA-NJ Public Policy and Advocacy Committee

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  • In case anyone needs more info, here’s a great article on avoiding gmo’s!