by Marion Nestle
Jan 24 2014

A commentary on Subway’s “pile on the veggies”

A reader sent me this commentary on yesterday’s post, source unknown.

If you know who created this, please send.

Enjoy the weekend!

  • Fiona Fraser

    Thank you for the share. Absolutely loved this picture! Kudo’s to its creator.

  • Zoe Brewster

    Not sure where the picture above is from, but here’s something similar that may catch your attention…

  • Wow I wouldn’t want to eat either of those apples! Love the picture though, perfect for my teenagers!

  • Lucero Cardenas

    How cute. Def going to share with my nephews!

  • Tom Hertweck

    Fun stuff, and with interesting gender implications as well–yet one more moment where blame falls (unjustly) on “mom.”

    With all the sites that manufacture memes on the fly (and without attribution stamps), it can be hard to track these images. Most don’t even have dates of upload. That said, I found this version of the same photo and text that was uploaded 6/30/2013, making it the oldest such posting:

    Then is got sent around and was posted by dozens of sites in July, and eventually remade in August into the version posted here on Food Politics.

    As for the original image, the oldest (and cleanest, making it likely the original) version of the picture seems to have been posted on imgur, though the date of posting there is approximate:

    Of course, no creator is listed there either. One does notice, however, that the image title is, in fact, “Nice try, mom,” making it appear that the meme-creator just merged the original text with the image.

    Beyond this one about piling on veggies, a search for the open-ended term “Nice try, mom” comes up with a number of images that also implicate McDonald’s beyond this one, including these two that seem to suggest just wrapping up homemade sandwiches in McD’s papers:

    The first of these was posted two years ago, so this sentiment seems simmering…

  • Haha, awesome pic!