by Marion Nestle
May 9 2014

Opening today: Fed Up! See it!

This ad was in last Sunday’s New York Times.  It appears again today with blurbs added.

Full disclosure: I’m one of the many people interviewed for the film and appear in three 10-second clips.

Fed Up! is a stunningly hard-hitting exposé of the food industry’s role in promoting unhealthy diets and childhood obesity.  It spares nothing in showing the devastating effects of obesity on kids (I found those parts painful to watch).

The film’s main message is that the food industry, in collaboration with government, is responsible for creating a food environment that promotes poor health.

It is especially tough on food company marketing and industry-sponsored research.

It is also—I think, unfortunately—tough on Michelle Obama and her Let’s Move! campaign.

Mrs. Obama is not the problem.  The food industry’s marketing and co-opting practices are the problem.

We can debate whether it was wise or useful for Let’s Move! to partner with the food industry, but the campaign has done much to bring issues of childhood obesity to public attention.

It’s ironic that the accomplishments of Let’s Move!—the White House garden, the Healthy Hunger-Free Act of 2010, the new school food nutrition standards, the new nutrition standards for WIC, and the new food label, for example—are at this very moment under fierce attack by food companies, their trade associations, and their friends in Congress.

With that said, the film is well worth seeing.  Don’t miss it.  Get your friends to see it.  Let the debates begin.

How to see Fed Up!

  • Watch the trailer here.
  • Find out where it’s playing here.
  • Share it on social media here.
  • See Katie Couric’s excellent ABC News interview here.
  • Read the New York Times review here.

As for the debate, please enjoy:


  • JoAnn Bianchi Brown

    Pizza is a vegetable? Where can I buy pizza seeds to plant?

  • Lou Wei

    It’s sounds funny but interesting. If it is, I want to feed my children a pizza everyday. Anyway, I like to see and hear the debate. Thanks for this article author.

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  • Dear Ms. Nestle,

    Great movie! Certainly answered a question I’ve been asking for a long time: Ever wonder why America (and her children) have never been fatter or sicker? (Hint: it has nothing to do with lack of exercise or will power.)

    After experiencing cancer at age 38 I had no idea about America’s highly processed, genetically engineered, growth hormone feed, steroid injected, sugar addicted, chemically designed, and artificially flavored food supply – and I thought I was eating healthy. Changed what’s on my plate and thankfully have been healthy ever since.

    Best health always,

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  • Saw this documentary at Toronto’s HotDocs Film Festival.

    It’s an important film to see for anybody who eats.

  • Jim Felder

    The trouble I have is that the focus is on sugar. Not that added sugar isn’t a major problem. The trouble is that low-carbers like Gary Taubes (who sadly appears to be featured in this film) take that correct identification of refined sugar as a problem and do a slight of hand substitution to make carbohydrates are bad. That leads to increased intake of meat eggs and dairy, as if we didn’t already eat enough of these types of food, which brings with it a whole host of health issues like heart disease.

    The other false claim, and I have seen it echoed in comments about the film, is that we tried to say of the last 50 years we said fat was the trouble and the country went on a low-fat craze which didn’t work. Therefore fat isn’t the trouble and we can go back to slathering everything with butter and olive oil. The trouble with this is is that we never ever tried a low-fat diet as a country. The number of calories from fat, on average, has never declined in this country. What did go down slightly is the *percent* of total calories from fat! but this was only because the number of calories from added sugar went up so much.

    So by telling half of the bad news charlatans like Taubes will get people to adopt a low-carb, high-fat diet that if anything is worse.

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