by Marion Nestle
Jul 25 2014

Weekend thinking: NutraIngredients-USA’s special edition on cognitive health 

The role of specific nutrients in brain health isn’t something I think about much.  I’m of the opinion that a reasonably healthy diet takes care of health.  Stop worrying, be happy.

But I’m always interested in what the food industry is cooking up based on current research, and here’s a good sampling to ponder.

For this Special Edition, NutraIngredients-USA has a long hard think about cognitive health…

Cognition spans the lifetime, from development in the womb right through to old age. So, which ingredients have the best science? How are companies approaching this sector and what claims can they make? What’s all this about the gut-brain axis? And what’s happening with botanicals in this space?


  • mausium

    Sadly, the Nutraceuticals industry is all about industry, very little about nutrition.

  • Lorraine Lewandrowski

    Whole milk, cultured dairy, real cheese has worked as “brain food” for my family.

  • DeborahSinger

    I would love to see more studies focusing on this, it seems everywhere you turn, there’s something new that’s bad for you, that was promoted as good for you not more than a year ago… it’s great to see more people becoming interested in our overall health like this.

  • applebenefits

    Thank you for you sharing,i would love to see more studies focusing on this,you know apple extracts benefits.