by Marion Nestle
Aug 20 2014

Money in food

It’s a slow news week so I’m digging in to some items saved over the course of the year.

Here’s one from The Hartman Group, a market-research consulting firm: “Why [software] investors are pouring their lettuce into food.”

The article is about start-ups funded by software billionaires, but its point—there’s money to be made in food—reminds me of Fred Kaufman’s work on food commodity trading.

Making money from food is good when it keeps people employed and pays living wages.

It’s not so good when it adds to world hunger.

  • The first step to prevent it is a just Farm Bill, with adequate (living wage) minimum Price Floors and Ceilings, backed up by adequate Supply Management (reductions & reserves, as needed). We lost all of that over decades under corporate influence, as in chapter 1 of Foodopoly. By misunderstanding this, (& not knowing where/what the just Farm Bill proposals are,) most food progressives unknowingly support the speculation.

  • JB

    I agree with the previous comment that it is a good sign, but it can be potentially more harmful to the overall food production. What we need to work on is the local production that is sustainable and provides enough food for the whole region. Protection of local food is also essential to battle the climate change.

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