by Marion Nestle
Dec 3 2014

Annals of gifting: Boxing Wednesday, I guess

I arrived in my office this afternoon to find this astonishing gift.  It was delivered and assembled by Health Warrior, Incl, the maker of Chia bars.

It came with a lovely letter from Health Warrior’s CEO, Shane Emmett, who must somehow know that I am finishing up the manuscript of a food about food advocacy using the soda industry as an example.  The book is as yet untitled (“Soda Politics”?) but it is in the works with Oxford University Press for September 2015.


This is the start of our department’s gym.  We do practice what we preach.  Come box with us, any time.

Thanks to Shane Emmett, ever so much (I think).


  • Cathy Richards

    I think I could work up a sweat punching out the Cola bag 🙂

  • Cathy Richards

    Soda Poplitics?

  • disqus_1u1x68av6M

    Would be happy to do that, after attending an ASN conference with a major soda industry presence!

  • RosySide

    Good to hear. I will surely get a copy of the book when you publishe as I hope it will be a great knowledge mine for my website at
    Thank you