by Marion Nestle
Jan 3 2018

Food-Navigator-USA’s 10 trends to watch in 2018

Elaine Watson at Food Navigator-USA says we should be watching these ten trends in 2018.

  1. Cellular agriculture: cell-cultured meat, fish, etc.
  2. Plant-based innovation: chickpea proteins and the like
  3. GMO labeling (and non-GMO claims): rules for these are still pending
  4. Clean label 2.0: these encompass everything from additives to sustainability
  5. Health confusion (and is saturated fat really back?)
  6. Sugar under fire: reduce, replace
  7. Protein…still hot?
  8. Fermentation on fire; probiotics hit the mainstream
  9. The Amazon effect
  10. Big Food in a funk

She has interesting things to say about all of these.  Take a look and keep score as the year progresses.