by Marion Nestle
Mar 31 2023

Weekend reading: Nutrition research at NIH

While I’m catching up on items I’ve been wanting to post about I ran across this report from NIH about its nutrition research initiatives. 

NIH Nutrition Research Report 2020-2021


Some highlights:

  • NIH’s total investment in nutrition-related research was approximately $2.0 billion in FY20 and $2.1 billion in FY21.
  • Nutrition research funding increased by approximately $510 million—a 25 percent overall increase—from FY14 to FY21
  • Approximately half of the nutritionrelated projects in FY20 and FY21 were related to prevention or obesity.
  • NIH sponsored workshops on Precision Nutrition, Food Insecurity, and Conflicting and Controversial Health Information in the Media
  • Nutrition research comprises just under 5% of total NIH research obligations.
  • NIH sponsored a study in 2021 of  low-fat compared to low-carb diet.
  • A future direction will be to address how “food as medicine” can be improved in clinical settings.

I did not know much of this and am happy to have the report.

The documents


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