by Marion Nestle
Apr 6 2023

Annals of cell-cultured meat: woolly mammoth meatballs?

My son Charles, who lives in Los Angeles, sent me this gem from the L.A. Times: “The woolly mammoth is back — in the form of a meatball.”

A woolly mammoth meatball has been created from the animal’s DNA — 4,000 years after the beast went extinct.

The dish is made of cultured meat, grown in labs from animal cells. It used the DNA of the woolly mammoth, together with fragments of DNA from an African elephant, which is the animal’s closest relative still alive today.  Vow, the Australian company that created the food...said it hopes that the project will challenge people to reassess the climate damage caused by cows and other livestock.

I knew you would want to know about this.


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