by Marion Nestle
Sep 18 2009

USDA says: Eat Local! HHS says: Prevent!

Really, we have to rethink USDA.  It has just awarded $4.8 million grants to community groups to promote local agriculture as part of a $65 millioncampaign to Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food.  Local food!

And HHS, not to be outdone, is awarding $650 million in grants for community initiatives to improve diets and get people more active.  Prevention!

OK, these are tiny fractions of the Departments’ budgets but I read them as symbolic steps in a new and terrific direction.  More of the same, please.


Agree- this is progress! We’re making headway. Thanks for the GOOD news, and your good work. Leadership matters.

Jo Cooper
Director of Nutrition Programs
The Center for Mind-Body Medicine

A step in the right direction, much more of the same please!

And now the White House farmer’s market is open Thursdays! Who would have guessed we would have something this great?!

Pretty amazing. But I’m skeptical. Who’s getting greased from this deal? Sorry to be negative. Just hard to believe.

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