by Marion Nestle
Sep 23 2013

Pepsi, Mexican style

In Mexico, you can get most kinds of sodas in 3 liter bottles.  At 17 pesos ($1.33) for 3 liters, Pepsi is cheaper than water.


Note the 3-peso penalty if you buy two 1.5-liter bottles.  

It’s hardly a coincidence that Mexico has high soda consumption and high rates of obesity.  Taxing sodas seems like a particularly good idea in this situation.

  • Leoluca Criscione

    “Taxing sodas” will not solve the obesity epidemic! We need more efforts toward a NEUTRAL scientific education based on physiology rather than on assumptions! People are confused!
    Our experience with an education program (we named it Calogenetic Balance) based on the measurement of resting metabolic rate and the intake of favorite foods (NO DIETETIC RESTRICTIONS) is very promising! We have recently presented these data at the European Congress on Obesity (ECO2013), see copy of our poster with this link !

    The conclusions on our poster read:
    1) The most relevant subjective statement by all participants was that the familiarity with the own real metabolic capacity gives security, removes confusion and promotes motivation and adherence.
    2) The observed consistent reduction in body weight indicates that an educational program like Calogenetic Balance will contribute to prevent and cure obesity by maintaining any local and individual nutritional habit.

    Kind regards from Switzerland