by Marion Nestle
Jan 23 2014

Let’s Move!’s latest move: Subway will “Pile on the Veggies”

This morning, Subway is announcing that as part of its commitment to Let’s Move!’s efforts to reverse childhood obesity, the chain will put $41 million into encouraging kids to “pile on the veggies.”

Subway says it will:

  • Run a fun campaign to get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Set nutrition standards for marketing to kids.
  • Strengthen its “already nutritious” children’s menu.
  • Put signs on doors that say “Playtime powered by veggies.”
  • Do a video collaboration with Disney’s Muppets to encourage piling on the veggies.
  • Provide kids’ meals with lowfat or nonfat milk or water as the default.

I could, but won’t, nitpick over the nutrition standards.  Let’s just say they are a start.

But I love it that Subway is focusing on foods—veggies, apples, and no sodas unless parents specifically order them.

And I think “pile on the veggies” is one terrific slogan.

I will be keeping an eye out for those signs on Subway’s doors and the other ways the chain says it will promote healthier meals for kids.  I didn’t see anything about when all this starts, but I hope it’s soon.

  • Sandy MJ

    I accidentally stumbled across your site but I freaking love it. Finally someone critical but with an evidence-based perspective -a life saver for a newbie trying to figure things out, thanks xx

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  • aleeya

    I love this idea Subway has and I too hope that this goes in full affect. We need to start the kids early on developing good eating habits so they can live healthy lives.

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  • Janeth Ibarra

    In my perspective subways idea is a good move for children’s healthy since it affirms that their food will provide healthy and nutritional food in their menu’s. It is good that subway plans to make fun advertisements for children to go eat their foods since it is going to be healthy.

  • Mary Clark

    Not to be confused with their Super Bowl ad strategy, “Pile on the fritos”