by Marion Nestle
Jan 16 2008

FDA seeks public comment on food labels and health claims

The FDA must be hearing lots of complaints about food labels and health claims because it is asking for comments on the best way to calculate the percent daily value (DV), and on what nutrients get displayed.  It is considering removing “Calories from Fat,” for example, and requiring the amount of  monounsaturated fat to be listed. Want to comment on these ideas or suggest others?  Go to this FDA site.  As for health claims, the FDA plans to reevaluate the ones for soy and heart disease, fat and cancer, antioxidant vitamins and cancers, and selenium and cancers based on recent research.  To comment, go to the Federal Register.

  • Just so you know, after three click-throughs from the link you list, I get to an FDA page with pages of different things looking for comments. By that point, the descriptions are like reading another language. I don’t know which one is which.

    Is this how the avoid getting comments, just make it so painful and also make the person feel stupid for not finding what they were looking for. I wish it could be one link and one form to file out…am I missing something?

  • The trick is to keep track of the Docket Number and to copy it into the “file submission” box. Lobbyists are paid to know how to do these things.

  • Maybe if I figure this out, they will pay me to be a FDA ‘site solutions’ lobbyist — now that would be a powerful position in DC 😉

  • Interesting, they’re actually doing the same thing in Canada right now –

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