by Marion Nestle
Jan 15 2008

Food allergies

This week’s “Ask Marion” question on Eating Liberally is about food allergies, something I wouldn’t wish on anyone–too little known, and too much at stake.  Take a look.

  • Fentry

    At a dinner party a few months ago, the table came up with a hypothesis that began with the question:

    Why is it that no ever seems to be allergic to Doritos? (or Cheetos, or Twinkies or American “Cheese”)?

    Instead, people are allergic to bread, milk, nuts–and other several thousand-year old staples.

    The idea that our industrial diets have changed our allergens seems to have significant plausibility.

  • The people who own and work at organic, whole foods markets are often surprisingly knowledgeable. They have been living a natural, healthy lifestyle, and cared for it so much that they opened their own store so they could help others reap the benefits of such a lifestyle.