by Marion Nestle
Jun 5 2008

European Commission dietary recommendations: Fox guarding chickens?

I’d been hearing rumors about how the the European Commission is spending $20 million  to develop dietary recommendations and food standards that will apply to all EU member states.  I now have some confirmation of them through the British magazine, Private Eye (May 30, 2008).   The project, called EURRECA, will be conducted by a bunch of universities but the overall management is going to be through the European branch of the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI), “a front for the food and bioscience industry.” ILSI is funded by Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Bayer CropScience, and Monsanto, among other such entities.  So $20 million in taxpayer dollars will be  laundered through a food and agbiotech front group.  Private Eye says that it eagerly awaits “EURRECA’s no doubt scientifically rigorous and untirely unbiased conclusions.”

I could do this for a lot less than $20 million, but nobody asked me, alas.

  • Well, the European press is much likely to take them to task, etc., as compared to our corporate-slave US press.

    Funny, I bet each of those companies would happily contribute $200 million to influence the outcome of these “standards”. They must be rofling themselves to death that European taxpayers are paying instead.

  • Robert


    I recently purchased some frozen broccoli from Fresh and Easy and noticed that the product is from EC. I asked and they said it stands for European Commission, is this common? Is this for real? Does EC produce food and sell it to the United States?

    Thanks for your time,

  • Robert


    I purchased Broccolli from Fresh and Easy grocery store and noticed it was stamped Product of EC.
    Does the European Commission stamp food as Product of EC?


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