by Marion Nestle
Jan 1 2009

Happy new year: Top food safety crises of 2008

Bill Marler, of the legal firm specializing in food safety cases, lists his top 10 picks for the food safety scandals of 2008, beginning with globalization and ending with pet food.

And Food Chemical News (December 31) says the FDA will be testing for melamine in farmed fish and fish feed from China.  When Hong Kong officials said they found melamine at 6.6 ppm in fish feed, the FDA wondered whether melamine could accumulate in fish tissues.  Apparently, that is exactly what it does.  The Los Angeles Times  (December 24) says FDA testing found whopping amounts of melamine – 200 ppm – in catfish, trout, tilapia and salmon that had eaten melamine-tainted fish feed.  This is way higher than the maximum “safe” level of 2.5 ppm in food.  So put fish from China on your list of what not to eat.

Let’s hope the new president picks someone for USDA undersecretary and FDA commissioner who takes food safety seriously.  That’s my wish (well, one of them) for the new year. Peace to all.

  • Oh, of all the Farewell to 2008 lists…this one is one of the sadder ones, and one of the more anger-inducing. It is definitely time for some change. I am glad you have this corner of the blogosphere to raise awareness and push for that change, and I look forward to visiting your new site in 2009. I think we all need to do what it is in our power to do, whether that’s changing the way we shop and eat, how we vote, or the things we discuss with our family and friends.

    Thanks for being a sane voice in 2008.

    Here’s to 2009!

  • Yikes! And Thanks to Country of Origin labeling, at least we can know which ones to avoid. And they say there’s no need for COOL!

    Thanks for the great info!
    Happy New Year!

  • “So put fish from China on your list of what not to eat.” Well, that’s already on it. Not that I’ve seen any fish labeled “Made in China.” 🙂

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