by Marion Nestle
Mar 8 2009

Foodie magazines: a quick summary

It’s Sunday, so let’s take a break and browse some food magazines.  These, from high-end Gourmet to mass-market Food and Family, are responding to the economic crisis by focusing on basic cooking skills.  In writing about this new trend, the New York Times business section has produced a terrific overview.  Have trouble telling the magazines apart?  Want to know how their advertising is doing?  And how about a little history?  It’s all here.  And who knew that Food and Family has the largest circulation of any food magazine (7 million)?  How come?  It’s owned by Kraft Foods, a company that knows what its audience likes.

As for eating well on a tight food budget, here’s Jane Brody’s advice, accompanied by a bunch of low-cost recipes.  Cook up a storm this weekend!

  • Remember your post on Organic Coke that was a joke? Well… Pepsi might be taking it seriously:

  • Sheila

    I love Jane Brody’s advice. Exactly what I have been saying all along, but I don’t have a newspaper column. It is so nice to see somebody writing of eating well on a budget instead of writing about eating more hotdogs and fries to make the budget stretch. Those recipes look delicious! I have made lentil soup with fresh spinach for years, now I will try using kale.

  • While I appreciate this ‘new’ focus on getting people back into the kitchen and making it easier to prepare nutritious meals, I have to disagree with Jane Brody that canned vegetables are healthier than fresh vegetables. Frozen vegetables are definitely the more cost-effective answer to fresh, but we also shouldn’t suggest that one always go for frozen or canned over fresh.

    Am I the only one who was also bothered by the powdered milk suggestion?

  • Thank you for making this information available.

  • I appreciate your commitment to providing some of the best cooking resources, especially the low budget recipes.

  • The food magazines that I like best are the local and regional ones. Often they also recommend places that will serve the recipes that are highlighted.