by Marion Nestle
May 7 2009

Oprah, KFC, free advertising, oh my!

This week, Eating Liberally’s kat wants to know what I think about Oprah’s free pass to KFC for adding grilled chicken to its fast food menu.  Here’s what I told her.  The moral: watch out for health auras!

  • This whole KFC thing is appalling. A great YouTube video about it here:

  • Anthro

    Sorry, Michelle@Find Your Balance, but that video isn’t much better than Oprah’s offer. This is the trouble with the internet. Sean (and I have no clue who he is) is well-meaning (as is Oprah) but poorly informed. The neurosurgeon he refers to is a supplement peddler and Sean’s views on nutrition fall more under the category of opinion that science. I think your moniker says it: “balance”, whatever that may be. Your body doesn’t need “balance”, just good basic nutrition. Read Ms. Nestle, please, before you post at her blog.