by Marion Nestle
May 8 2009

Will Congress ever confirm the FDA Commissioner?

According to the Associated Press, Margaret Hamburg “breezed through” her Senate confirmation hearing yesterday.  Great news, and I was pleased to hear that she thinks food safety is a top priority. So what’s the hold up?  Everybody – even Senator Ted Kennedy – knows food safety is in crisis and needs strong leadership to get the system under control.  Why can’t Congress approve her appointment right away and send her off to work?  Don’t you think something is seriously wrong with a political system that holds food safety hostage to partisan politics? Let Congress know you want action in this area!  Tell them to approve this appointment now!

  • Anthro

    I’m reading this on May 13, and have just tried searching (google) to see if Ms. Hamburg has been approved yet and can find nothing! So much for technology! Don’t know whether to contact reps or not! What a debacle. I did find one article that quoted Orrin Hatch as totally supporting her. This makes me suspicious because he is such a huckster for the supplement industry in Utah (huge!), so why would he support a candidate who is looking out for the people’s best interests?

  • Marion

    @Anthro–in a word, politics! She needs Hatch’s support to get approved and still has a long way to go on that process.

  • Anthro

    Alas, I should have known. Okay, will email my senators and rep. right away. I’m in Wisconsin and I doubt that Kohl or Feingold are opposed to her. Rep. is also a dem (and an Afraican-American female) so I’m hopefully preaching to the choir!