by Marion Nestle
Apr 1 2010

Retire Ronald (McDonald)!

Corporate Accountability International, the modern incarnation of Infact and the Nestlé (no relation) boycott,  has just launched the Retire Ronald campaign as part of its Value [the] Meal initiative.

The campaign is based on a new report, Clowning With Kids’ Health.   The report makes it clear that Ronald is ubiquitous anyplace where children might be – on the Internet, and in schools, kids’ libraries, and kids’ hospitals.

If you, like others, think it’s time to see Ronald retired and out of the marketing-to-kids business, join the campaign and sign Ronald’s retirement card.

Read the press release.  Visit the website,

Here is how Corporate Accountability International explains its mission:

For more than 30 years Corporate Accountability International (formerly Infact) has run hard-hitting and highly effective campaigns to save lives, protect public health, and preserve the environment.  Value [the] Meal is a campaign led by Corporate Accountability International dedicated to reversing the global epidemic of diet-related disease by challenging McDonald’s and the fast food industry to curb the range of its practices that are contributing to the epidemic.of its practices that are contributing to the epidemic.

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  • Willard Scott was the first Ronald McDonald, when the character was first introduced. Ironically, he was fired from the position after about a year because he was “too fat.” McDonald’s apparently wanted a mascot with a more attractive physique.

  • Elaine Corn

    Ronald needs to morph into Chucky to scare the hell out of kids on so many levels.

  • What an interesting initiative. Ronald is so ubiquitous and will make this hard, but his ubiquity may be the exact reason why Ronald should retire.

  • Emily

    I signed the card! But I don’t have much hope of success.

  • Randall

    I think it is possible. This group of people have taken on some of the world’s largest corporations and won. I think people are beginning to understand the connection between fast food advertising that targets kids and the impacts on health and trust that Corporate Accountability International and their members will be able to stop McDonalds from marketing to kids and retire Ronald.

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  • Rabbi Emily Korzenik

    Retire Ronald! Our children need to be encouraged to eat healthy food not food that will lead them to diabetes