by Marion Nestle
Dec 3 2010

Latest (short) publictions: enjoy!

Occasionally I write short pieces on request.  A couple have just been published.

The State Department’s Bureau of International Information Programs (who knew?) runs a website,, on which it provides answers to questions “YOU Asked!”   It invited me to respond to the question, “Why are so many Americans overweight.”

And the professional journal, Childhood Obesity, asked several people to contribute to its new “Industry Watch” column.  The question: “Will private sector companies “step up to the plate” to protect children’s health?

Enjoy!  I file links to these and other writings under Publications on this site.

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  • Anthro

    You state the problem and the solution simply and clearly in both cases. Is anyone listening?

    Even people who are relatively healthy can be sucked into this mentality of consuming some kind of foodstuff all the time. I see young mothers (fairly affluent) at the co-op offering their toddlers cookies and juice boxes/drinks while they shop. It is just a given that children can’t be out with their mothers without having a “treat”!

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