by Marion Nestle
May 3 2012

New and delightful books about food

Paul Kindstedt, Cheese and Culture: A History of Cheese and its Place in Western Civilization, Chelsea Green, 2012.
Kindstedt, a professor of food science at the University of Vermont and co-director of its Institute for Artisan Cheese, has organized his history by time period and region, from the Paleolithic origins of cheese to current attempts to regulate raw milk.  His material is well referenced and the book is full of facts and observations that will delight cheese lovers.

Seamus Mullen, Hero Food: How Cooking with Delicious Things Can Make Us Feel Better, Andrews McNeel, 2012.

I don’t usually blurb cookbooks but I couldn’t resist this one from Seamus  Mullen, the chef-owner of Tertulia in lower Manhattan.

This gorgeous book proves without a doubt the point I’ve been making for years: healthy food is delicious!  Take a look at what Seamus Mullen does with vegetables, fruit, grains and everything else he cooks.  I can’t wait to try his 10 Things to Do with Corn.  His food can’t guarantee health, but will surely make anyone happy!

  • Matt R

    The older Ive become the more i appreciate vegetables. A great veggie prep can be more rewarding and tasteful than a steak.

    But that arroz a la plancha by seamus is pretty damn good.

  • Love Seamus and his food at Tertulia! This seems like a really unique type of cookbook.

  • Anthro

    My bookshelf is growing rapidly (and my wallet shrinking!) with all your wonderful reviews and recommends. I just have to have this cookbook since I can’t eat at the restaurant–but I will one day!

    I’ll pass on the cheese one as I’m in Wisconsin and am all “cheesed out”.

  • This seems like a really unique type of food book. It will enlarge our idea about cook.