by Marion Nestle
Jun 17 2013

Mini book review: Foodist

I’m on the road this week and getting caught up on reading.  I”m not usually interested in diet books but this one is more about healthy eating than losing weight.

Darya Pino Rose.  Foodist: Using Real Food and Real Science to Lose Weight Without Dieting.  HarperOne, 2013.

I first heard of Darya Pino Rose in connection with her guide to getting through supermarkets.  She’s a neurobiologist who confesses to chronic dieting.  Once she figured out the science, she figured the rest  would be easy.

Focusing on real food instead of those specialty, highly processed diet foods is the secret to making healthy food enjoyable.  My recipe for how to make cauliflower taste as good as french fries (p. 237) has convinced hundreds of skeptics that vegetables aren’t just palatable, but can be insanely delicious.

Her advice for handling restaurants and friends and family is eminently sensible and worth trying for those who have trouble with such things (and who does not?).

  • Junior Barnes

    For what it’s worth, I read it and recommend it highly. It appealed to the geek in me as she actually has footnotes citing the studies she mentions. (BTW – Only a few recipes.)

  • That seems like a great book to have! I would really like to learn how to eat healthy through healthy food recipes. That book must be the answer to my prayers. I was interested about it when you said that it is not focused on losing weight but is more focused on healthy eating. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this amazing book!

  • I’m going to check it out. My blog isn’t about healthy eating directly, but that’s what I promote – eating real food that keeps you healthy.

  • Wow! I will learn how to make a recipe that makes a cauliflower taste as good as french fries? Now, this is very interesting! This might be the answer to my failed weight loss diet. Is this book available online? How much?

  • Sounds great. I firmly believe we should choose our food based on nutrition and enjoyment not on politics or to loose weight. The same goes for exercise. There are plenty of enjoyable activities. There’s no reason to exercise to loose weight. I’ve read that loosing weight is bad for your health.