by Marion Nestle
Oct 4 2013

Weekend reading: the history of U.S. vegetarianism

Shprintzen AD.  The Vegetarian Crusade: The Rise of an American Reform Movement, 1817-1921.  University of North Carolina Press, 2013.

My blurb:

A fascinating account of the nineteenth-century origins of the vegetarian social movement to improve American morality and health. The book stops in 1921 when the Vegetarian Society disbanded, but that movement’s legacy is today’s passionate vegetarians, who comprise a vital part of the current movement to improve food systems and the health of people and the planet.

  • Maybe there will be a volume two that includes the American Vegetarian Party that ran people for President from late 1940s to early 1960s.

  • VegHistory

    Thank you again for being gracious enough to provide a book blurb!

    Ned, that is an excellent idea, and one that I have been flirting with as part of a second book. Hopefully the opportunity will present itself soon.