Marler’s advice:

Do not shoot the messenger.  Blaming what is now happening on the media or the moms who are concerned about their kids health never works.  Had you not built the foundation of your business in part by deciding the public did not need to know something – even something that you believed was good for them – the explosion of negativism you are now experiencing would have been a passing storm instead of a hurricane.

Do not threaten legal action against anyone.  There are too many good lawyers (this one included) who would gladly take up their defense – pro bono.

For goodness sakes, do not play the political card.  Sure, you have given hundreds of thousands of dollars (perhaps millions) to politicians (hopefully from both parties – Republicans and Democrats will equally prostitute themselves), but do not make them dance in support of your product as they try to explain that the money you threw at them has no bearing on their willingness to dance.  And, please do not make them eat your product or say how safe it is in front of the national media.  No one will believe people that you paid to endorse your product.  Remember, politicians are considered only slightly more trustworthy than lawyers, however, both are in single digits.

What should you do?

Simple, just tell the truth…If you are proud of your product, explain in honest and clear terms why you are…Bottom line:  If you have nothing to hide then hide nothing.