by Marion Nestle
Oct 2 2019

R.I.P Grocery Manufacturers Association

Under new leadership, and in the wake of the defections of prominent food companies, the Grocery Manufacturers Association is changing its name.

Good-bye GMA.  Hello Consumer Brands Association.

Why?  The GMA was on the wrong side of just about every food issue.

In the past two years, food companies like CampbellKraft HeinzNestleHershey and Unilever left the GMA, amid disputes over how to handle these new realities. Among the issues that were fiercely debated were how and when to disclose the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The organization says each of the departing members left for individual reasons, but the common thread was a failure by the organization to adapt as consumer sentiments and trends were evolving.

Chalk this up to consumer power!  And to badly needed new leadership.

The association’s will now focus on promoting:

  • Sustainable packaging
  • Uniform recycling
  • Trust and transparency
  • Improved supply chains
  • Uniform regulation of CBD

Sounds good to me.  Let’s hope the transformation works.