by Marion Nestle
May 20 2022

IPES_Food issues report on the global food price crises

The International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems has issued a  special report:

The report identifies four structural weaknesses that make foods systems vulnerable to price shocks

  • Dependency on food imports
  • Dependencies in production systems
  • Opaque, dysfunctional, and speculation-prone grain markets
  • Vicious cycles of conflict, climate change, poverty, and food insecurity

Doing something about these problems is a tall order.

The IPES-Food panel calls for urgent action to:

  • support food importing countries (including through debt relief),
  • curb excessive commodity speculation and enhance market transparency,
  • reduce reliance on fertilizers and fossil energy in food production,
  • build up regional grain reserves & food security response systems,
  • and accelerate steps to diversify food production and restructure trade flows.

Here are: